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Luke Hess – Live in Vancouver!

Well, it was an honor to have Luke in Vancouver, not only did he play wicked music, but he was a great guy to get to know. We were sad to him have to go back home, but I sense it wont be the last time Vancouver see’s Mr. Hess. Until than, you can reminisce on the sick music he threw down….

Luke’s set is layered with hypnotic dubby grooves, snappy percussion, and sounds from home base…DETROIT!



Subversive Presents: Rick Wade (Detroit) – March 19th @ W2


Subversive is Proud to bring you the king of all things deep, Mr. Rick Wade (Detroit – Harmonie Park ) March 19, 2011

With DJ’s, Scott W – TJ Hooker – MITIM.
and AMAZING visuals from AUTO64 (SYDNEY/BERLIN) (aka Tom Phillipson)


TICKETS 15$ and up


Every legend has a “Once Upon A Time.” The story of the now-legendary sound of Rick Wade begins in small-town western Michigan, less than an hour from Chicago’s South Side. In the late 70′s, when Chicago’s Warehouse was groovin’ to Frankie Knuckles, and the Philly, Salsoul and Classic Deep sounds were being pumped on the airwaves of WBMX, Rick Wade was just a small boy with a transistor radio glued to his ear.

In a 1999 interview with the editors of flatplastic.com, Rick remembers: “The mixes were really smooth and I remember how amazing I thought it was when they would blend two records together. It was back then that I knew I wanted to be a DJ just so I could blend records together and try to come up with something new.”

Deep House, in its infancy, took hold of Rick Wade’s imagination just like the funky rhythms of Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield had taken hold of his heart.

By the early 80s, Rick was making tapes for his friends at school and spinning at basement parties, controlling the pitch on his turntables by holding his finger on the record label. Within a few years, Rick Wade was off to college at the University of Michigan, performing at frat parties and gigging off-and-on at the infamous Nectarine Ballroom. Rick “24k” Wade (as he was known in those days) was quickly gaining notoriety for his smooth blends and deep house grooves.

At that same time, the Nectarine Ballroom was writing another page in music history as the home of Detroit techno pioneer Jeff “The Wizard” Mills. On Ann Arbor’s WCBN, Rick started the popular Saturday night dance show “Journey to the Land of House.” The early 90s found Rick Wade, at one point, doing three radio mixshows a week while at the same time spinning at various clubs in and around Detroit.

In 1993, Rick built his own recording studio and began producing his own distinctive brand of bangin’ deep house material on his own label: Harmonie Park Records. Harmonie Park productions began to attract the attention of critics and record producers worldwide, just as Rick’s mixshows and live DJ sets had attracted a following in the Detroit area.

Today, Rick Wade enjoys a reputation as one of the premier House mixshow producers in the world and his studio productions appear on over 15 different labels worldwide. In December Õ99 Rick was featured in the special double edition Germany’s D2000 Magazine as their ÒDJ of the MonthÓ.

“Quantum Expressions,” the latest Rick Wade EP on Detroit’s Moods & Grooves label, is listed on dance charts around the globe. In March 2000, the recording holds #9 on Germany’s Groove Magazine Top 50 and #1 on Australia’s Hype Magazine Top 30.

“Deep Threats,” the debut production of the new German label ATC, was even featured on Spain’s Top Radio 106.1 FM as #12 on Kiko Navarro’s playlist.

“Mr. Harmonie Park” hasn’t lost touch with the live club scene that energizes his sound. Having spun along side world-class DJs such as Jeff Mills, Claude Young and Mike Huckaby, Rick has played every major underground club in Detroit. No one can forget the celebrated “Capricorn” party at the “Science” club in which Rick and Mike “Agent X” Clark performed a non-stop 8-hour set.

Rick was also the feature DJ at Mike Huckaby’s well-known “Deep Transportation” release party. Held at the “Motor Lounge”, Rick’s set was simulcast live on 89X’s underground mixshow “Maximum Overdrive”.

“Deep Transportation” is also the phrase that best describes a Rick Wade set. Rick exposes the music to the crowd, taking the vibe to an emotional peak where it merges with the body, mind, and spirit into a continuous musical orgasm that continues long after the set is over. Rick has received accolades at San Francisco’s “Staple” and thunderous cheers at “Mettle” in Toronto. The blends are so smooth and tight that party-goers have actually checked to see if Rick was really spinning live or playing pre-recorded, studio-produced deep house megamixes. Fans soon discover that every Rick Wade set is fresh and spontaneous, drawing its energy directly from the unique vibe of the party.

Having produced mixshows for top-rated underground programs such as the highly respected London-based pirate show “Still Waters” and RTR-FM’s “Ben Stinga Show,” Australia’s cutting-edge source of deep underground tracks, Rick Wade’s future looks extremely positive. He plans to step up his focus on live DJ appearances, using his international reputation to establish a presence in clubs and parties around the world.

TJ Hooker Live @ W2 Feb 19th 2011

If you thought you knew TJ Hooker, well we suggest you give this mix a go as TJ ventures into another sick sound. Crisp high hats and wicked percussion, with acid, dub, Detroit flavored techno, and dark yet luscious house beats that took the party from 0-60 the second he hit the decks.

By the way kids, this is A fresh VINYL mix.



Mike McSuede Live @ W2 Feb 19th 2011


A wide range of sounds from Mike that made the crowd go nuts. If you happened to miss this show, well, this mix is not one to sleep on.



Austin Phillips Live @ W2 Feb 19th 2011

Another solid opening mix from Austin Phillips, Deep & Dubby the way we like it!


Subversive & Shah DJ’s Present : Together @ W2

Luke Hess Vancouver

Subversive & Shah are proud to Present, a 2 room festival style party in Vancouver’s biggest venue W2 (155 W. Cordova)

It’s been a long time coming and we are very excited to announce a night bringing together the sounds of warm DUBSTEP, rich liquid DnB, and deep minimal TECHNO.These sonic worlds have so much in common and we can’t wait to fill W2 with the combined vibes.

SHAH and SUBVERSIVE present:

TECHNO room presented by SUBVERSIVE with:

- LUKE HESS (Detroit, fxhe, kontra music)




DnB/DUBSTEP room presented by SHAH with:

VON-D mixes

- VON-D (Paris, argon, black acre)

$15 in advance, $20 at door

Available @ Beatstreet, Puff, Highlife, Clubzone, Vinyl.

LUKE HESS: Born 1980 in Metro Detroit and subject to the city’s mid-90′s warehouse parties, Luke Hess has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement. His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance floor, using frequencies, tones, and soundscapes to transform surroundings and mood. Luke’s faith based music production has landed him a seat with FXHE and Beretta Music in Detroit. Hess followed up his first releases with original productions and remixes on Echocord Colour, Ornaments, Kontra-Musik, Modelisme, Pong-Musiq, and Finale Sessions. In 2009, Luke completed and released his first album, “Light in the Dark” on Denmark-based record label, Echocord. “Light in the Dark” received glowing reviews and was hailed by many as one of the best deep techno albums of the year. In 2010 he began his own interpretation of Detroit techno with his new Detroit project and record label – DeepLabs. In addition In addition, Luke performs in the duo Reference, whose releases on Planet E and Berettamusic Grey have received much praise in the underground dance world.

With 10 years of DJ experience and notable LIVE sets, he is regarded as a perfectionist on stage, layering his tracks in a very detailed and hypnotic manner. Luke has played at notable venues and events such as Culture Box (Copenhagen), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Unit (Tokyo), Detroit Electronic Music Festival (Detroit), Fabric (London), The End Up (San Francisco), Golden Pudel (Hamburg), Sirup (Zagreb), Weekend Club (Berlin), Cubic Club (Madrid), Decibel Festival (Seattle), and The Bunker (NYC). Luke’s continued hard work behind the decks and in the studio combined with his unyielding interest in technology and sound will no doubt stimulate the boundaries of electronic music.

Photos from Open Studios Dec 11th 2010

These photos were taken from the Carlo Lio show on Dec 11th 2010, Sadly his flight was cancelled due to a blizzard, However, our people are uber cool and didn’t let that ruin the fun, We are loving the smiles on your faces, thanks for all the support.

Carlo Lio is Scheduled back for September 10th, 2011

See you there!

TJ Hooker Live @ Open Studios Dec 11th

tj hooker

Subversive’s TJ hooker brings to you another solid live mix, with tracks that start off deep and moody, then progress into to dark, druggy, floor manglers that navigated the crowd into another dimension….


Part 1 Right click save as to download

Part 2 Right click save as to download


Mr_Barcode Live


Who was this strange being who showed up and replaced Carlo Lio while he was stuck in the snow? A black suit, robotic sounds, all things machine….We were told it was Mr. Barcode. If you missed this set, you better give this a listen to, but make sure to unplug your all your appliances because it could bring them to life and turn them into human killers!

Mike McSuede Live @ Open Studios Dec 11th 2010


What can we say about Mikey, just when you think he cant get any better than he already is, he comes at you with more mind blowing, and vicious tracks and sick programing that will move the most critical of crowds. Mike is a staple of REAL underground music in Vancouver, and is an inspiration to many people in the city. This mix showcases the wonderful world of Mr. McSuede



Caleb Fox – Live @ Open Studios Dec 11th


Although newer on the DJ scene in Vancouver, Caleb is no first timer. He’s been collecting and playing records for 10 years, mining sounds from all aspects of good dance music. This set is one of our personal favourite mixes to date. Caleb’s unique track selection of dub techno and deep grooves started the night off proper, earning him residency with our tribe. We cant wait to have Mr. Fox back on the decks, and by decks, we mean technics 1200′s cuz this kid is ALL vinyl!


TJ Hooker


Tom’s love of music was obvious at a very young age; while his peers were busy playing Nientendo, Tom was playing Frank Zappa records on his dad’s Technics sl-1000. His passion for music lead him to the drum kit, where his early progressive rock and jazz influences were on display full throttle. Tom’s desire to expand his musical horizons introduced him to hip-hop and Graffiti, which consumed him until the day he got his copy of the seminal electronic album by Tyler Stadius, “Fabric 06″. Things were never the same after that…

Tom Jeffrey emerged into Vancouver’s underground house and techno scene in 2006 as TJ Hooker, bringing with him a captivating style of house and techno that has set him apart from the rest, especially in Vancouver’s underground electronic music scene. From back than to now, he has already dominated numerous clubs, raves, warehouses, beach parties, and festivals with his diverse collection of music. Heavily influenced by the basement sounds that come out of the infamous club Berghain, and labels like Ostgut Ton, Sandwell District, Stroboscopic, Coincidence, and Prologue, you can expect his selections to be dark and gritty, raw and stripped down, bass driven and industrial, his sound is deep portal, intelligent techno, that generate an incomparable vibe on the dance floor. While on the other side of things, his timeless selections of Detroit influenced deep house, dub, acid, rare groove, allows Tom to play at any venue and to please any crowd.

TJ is the man behind Vancouver’s successful Techno production/crews under the name of Subversive and can be found playing in dark warehouse spaces with international talents and locals like Peter Van Hoesen, Kevin Saunderson, Stacey Pullen, DVS1, Luke Hess, Rick Wade, Dirt Crew, Evil Eddie Richards, AdultNapper, Deepchild, Alland Byallo, Limacon, James Teej, Justin Martin, Mieka Du Franx, Tyler Stadius, Scott W and Mike McSuede.

Tom’s passion to take people on an unparalleled journey through his masterful mixing and impeccable track selections has composed a dedicated fan base which thrives on the unmatched feeling he creates in his sets. His vision to bring people together through his underground grooves ensures that wherever TJ
Hooker is, the night is sure to have a memorable vibe like no other.

Jay Tripwire

jay tripwire dj

Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another. His signature fusion of deep Detroit textures and intricate rhythms has led a career spanning two decades, 200 releases and four full length albums. He remains one of the most prolific artists around, with 18 EP’s in 2010 and a whole host of remixes.

Most recently he’s completed a compilation mix for respected label Pokerflat – ‘Vol.8’ which features a blend of deep house ranging from Detroit inspired textures to modern European house and tech house fusions, blurring genrefication. This follows releases on the label under his 8Channels name – a project that melds basic channel, soul and dub into a new hybrid soundscape of techno, deep house and dub. The moniker also appears on other highly regarded labels such as Ransom Note, NRK and Hallucination.

Residing in Vancouver, he’s currently challenging himself with a coveted residency at the new Fortune Sound Club, where he also pushes his Experience party, booking talent such as Osunlade, Chez Damier, Doc Martin, Alix Alvarez and Ron Trent. Jay himself has more than earned his stripes as a DJ. Whilst the term ‘legendary’ is often bandied about with little thought, in Jay’s case we could say just that – his personal arsenal of re-edits and comfort in arranging extended DJ sets lasting eight hours or more certainly demonstrates a talent that deviates from standard fare.

Austin Phillips

Austin Phillips

From a young age, Vancouver-born Austin Phillips has been living and breathing all things music. Studying saxophone for 14 years, Austin enrolled at VCC in the Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance program, and consistantly playied in numerous musical groups, including Natural Flavas, a Vancouver-based reggae band. It was only logical that Phillips would eventually take interest in electronic music. The electronic music composition course that was offered in his high school helped mould him into the artist we hear today. Motivated by creators like Aphex Twin, Venetain Snares, Autechre, Boards of Canada and The Black Dog, as well as being highly influenced by two high school friends – Caleb Fox and Gavin Schaefer. Austin discovered DJing to be an interactive way to enjoy his passion for listening to electronic music. The audible emotion that Austin creates behind the decks and the clever creations he devises in his studio reflect his inner musical guru.

In the three years that Phillips has been DJing, he already has an impressive roster of experience, including a resident DJ title with Subversive, one of Vancouver’s most well known underground house and techno crews. Austin has entertained the masses at the Lotus Sound Lounge for both Hollywood Fridays and Lotus Long Weekend parties, as well as Box Studios and various parties around Vancouver. He has played next to some of Vancouver’s top underground DJs; names like Jay Tripwire, DJ Ali, Tom Thomas and TJ Hooker. He also hosts Open Decks at the Anza Club on the last Saturday of every month, a night that allows bedroom DJs to play out in an intimate venue and get exposure in Vancouver.

This young artist will continue making headway in Vancouver, with his eyes set on the prize of bringing quality sound and events to his listeners. Keep an eye out for 4Corners, a creative crew founded by Austin and co that will be hosting special events in the upcoming months.

Caleb Fox

Caleb Fox

Caleb Fox is a DJ and producer from Vancouver, Canada. He started playing records when he was in high school and hasn’t been able to kick the habit since. One of his favorite quotations is “the more it stays the same the better it gets –” which is what one of his friends told his dad after throwing an all-night techno party in the basement of their house many years ago. Since that night not much has changed, and you can find Caleb playing (sometimes peculiar) techno music at places like the Lotus, Open Studios, Franklin Room and the Anza Club. Influenced by the labels Border Community, Perlon, and Dumb Unit and inspired by the work of artists like Mark Henning, Radioslave, Cassy and James Holden – Caleb strives to give even the greatest of chin-strokers something to think about during his sets. And one thing is for certain, he remains highly susceptible to ghetto clap samples. More recently, Caleb has started to work with several close friends under the guise of 4Corners throwing parties in the city as well as playing out with the Subversive team. Time spent spacing out with Ableton Live has also begun to slowly pay off and you can catch some of Caleb’s productions at the music blog

Dan Bull

Dan Bull

It has been a long journey to where Dan sits musically.  With 15 years of dj’ing under his belt, he has seen trends come and go.  One thing that has stayed consistent is his passion for house music.  His love for the art of dj’ing and sharing the music he loves with others has stood the test of time and taken him to some of dance music’s great haunts.  

From small underground clubs, to large parties and festivals, Dan has played alongside some of dance music’s heaviest hitters. In collaboration with Jay Tripwire, he has released music that has been charted and played by the likes of John Digweed, Danny Howells, and Evil Eddie Richards, to name a few. While he would describe his sound as “firmly rooted in house,” you can always expect to hear from him an eclectic mix of it’s variations. 
“The gift of playing music for other like-minded people is one I never take for granted.  I’m truly at my happiest when I exchange a glance with somebody who is feeling exactly what I am from a record that completely moves me.  Music is the first and last thing I think about everyday.  It is how I define every moment  of my life…it is a soundtrack to every experience.”



Mr_Barcode is a villain. He may once have been human… may have even had a soul… but he now hates all things organic – flutes, sax, guitar, oranges, spinach, kittens. His music is the machine. resistance is futile. feelings… irrelevant. You will FREAK to the beat until the annihilating rhythms pulverize you into the ether for all eternity.

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