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Carlo Lio @ Open Studios // September 10th


carlo lio

Carlo Lio was a blast! thanks to all the many many peeps who came out to make this the amazing rager it was!

Here is a clip from the event… TJ Hooker closing out the night… with his signature basement techno sounds
if you got more let us know. photo.php?v=286879047996084
If music is the Universal language then Toronto Native, Carlo Lio is surely multilingual. It is this universal appeal that has allowed Carlo to speak to so many people without ever having to say a word. His ability to capture sounds and emit them so expressively is a gift. Music has always been a priority in Carlo’s life; anyone who witnesses him gracing the decks can attest to this. Carlo can turn a careful observer into a dancer through the raw emotion and passion in his music. Music is a language; it is a means of connectivity, intimacy and communication and Carlo has brilliantly captured and shared this with his fans.

As a DJ, producer: & businessman. His continued efforts both in and out of the booth have paid off. Teaming up with studio partner Nathan Barato to create Rawthentic Music, Carlo has been pounding out numerous quality hits which have received plenty of local & International support. His unique signature style that’s driven by a relentless, sexy, hypnotic, techy groove is sure to leave you mesmerized.

Carlo has so instinctively tapped into that ‘human experience’ that millions of club goers have sought after and has taken so many on a journey into sound. With his flawless and imaginative mixing and his mind-blowing programming, Carlo preaches a gospel of repetitive beats. His fast, deep pulsing tech-house, or groovy, chuggy minimal are inspirational and he credits his latest sound to his most current influences; Dubfire, Marco Carola, Carl Cox and Loco Dice.

Carlo is a musical visionary and a leader in Toronto’s club culture, which has earned him an international reputation and a busy global touring schedule. If you have a yearning hunger for the beat, just open wide; Carlo will satisfy your mind, body and soul and leave you salivating for more.

With DJ’s

TJ Hooker
Dan Bull
Snailrider vs Robin Bank$

mix on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/mateoscramm/the-guest-mix-june-carlo-lio

TJ Hooker – Not from Earth


We rarely see any studio mixes from Mr. Hooker these days, so when he gives us a new one, and says its “all vinyl” and made on his rotary mixer, we get very exited, not to mention his selection tend to be quiet out of left field and personal when in the studio.

Sounds and selections Tom chose for this one can be described as raw, gritty, stripped down, spacey techno; hense the title, “not from earth”. Definitely our favorite hooker mix to date, this basement techno sound is big in places like Berghain, its nice to see one of our locals bringin it to Vancouver.