Subversive is a production crew that puts on underground House and Techno events in Vancouver, Canada. We are a coming together of fun seeking peeps, avant house, deep high-tech soul and ethereal space techno. Subversive is about music that frees your mind and moves your body.

“Underground music for the open minded”

Subversive began with Tom “TJ Hooker” Jeffery and Daniel Naundorf pursuing a shared dream to bring quality sounds to the community we love. Though Tom is no longer walking with us on this planet, he will forever be our inspiration and the reason we do this! We love you for all time you crazy beauty!

The Subversive Crew are:
Daniel Naundorf
Mayss Naber
Lyndsy Brow
Caleb Fox
Austin Phillips

with frequent and appreciated help from

Matt D
and many others…


-Scott w
-TJ Hooker
-Mr Barcode
-Dan Bull
-The Machinists
-Austin Phillips
-Caleb Fox
-Miss Myte

+ Guests

Past Guest Artists (much love and respect for bringing the music and beats to our tribe!!)

  • Rolando (Saved, Ostgut Ton, Delsin. Detroit / Edinburgh)
  • Ryan Elliott (Ostgut Ton, Spectral Sound, Berghain/Panorama Bar Resident, Detroit/ Berlin)
  • Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton, IMF, Berghain Resident, Berlin)
  • Function (Sandwell District, Berlin)
  • Mike Parker (Prologue, Geophone, Labyrinth, Buffalo NY)
  • Peter Van Hoesen (Ostgut Ton / Time to Express, Berlin) (so nice we had to hear him twice!)
  • Stacey Pullen (Black Flag Recordings, Detroit)
  • DVS1 (Hush / Klockworks / Transmat, Minneapolis) (A Subversive favourite return April 27th  2013!  find out where from your favourite subversive friend!)
  • Rick Wade (Harmonie Park, Detroit)
  • Luke Hess (FXHE / Kontra Music, Detroit)
  • Evil Eddie Richards (Fabric / Absurd / Wiggle, London UK)
  • Adultnapper (Poker Flat/ Audiomatique /Ransom Note, New York City)
  • Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music / Liebe*Detail / [KONTROL], San Francisco)
  • Deepchild (OM / Get Physical/ Freerange, Sydney/Berlin)
  • Limacon (Pokerflat / Auralism / Thoughtless, San Francisco)
  • Scott W (Vancouver)
  • MITIM (Vancouver)
  • Jay Tripwire (Tonality / Poker Flat / Nervous, Vancouver)

Subversive is formally a non-profit society called ”New Media and Technology Society of BC”  and is dedicated to promoting quality electronic music and visual artforms.  Our Mission Statement states:

New Media and Technology artists practice a vital artform. While there is considerable local talent, the challenges facing new media artists and musicians, means they need to support and champion one another in British Columbia, for collective and individual success in expressing their visions and artforms. The society aims to facilitate this community of mutual support; The Society will endeavor to host a minimum of 4 events per year, which will support local artists by linking them with the performances of established and reputable international artists. 

In addition to helping the local artistic community we are dedicated to returning proceeds of events beyond artistic renumeration to community groups who help youth at risk and have been honoured to support (and will continue to support) such remarkable community organizations as Share, YouthCo, and Directions (Family Services of Greater Vancouver).

We are a community initiative supported by those who love the music, the art, and who value their community.

“New Media and Technology Society of BC”

217-289  Alexander St, Vancouver BC,V6A 4H6

Board of Directors:

Daniel Naundorf
Mayss Naber
Lyndsy Brow
Caleb Fox
Austin Phillips


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