Subversive NYE 2013 @ The Anza

It was great to ring in the new year with the Subversive family, especially with Daniel, because it was his birthday! The party vibes and music were top notch all evening thanks to our amazing crowd, soundman Shamanoid from Soma Sound (, amazing VISUAL artist Sebnim, mad professor Miles behind the LAZERS and last but not least the DJS: Miss Myte, Austin Phillips, Tyler Stadius and Dan Bull!
Now we wait, untill Feb 15th when our ears will be soothed by Mr. Peter Van Hoesen. Mmm techno dreams till then….


Photos from DVS1 March 24, 2012

THANK YOU – Subversive family!!! YOUR energy and smiling faces and happy dancing feet are the reason we do this!!! It is the JOY of our lives.

Tom the night was definately ALL your fault!! We missed your beautiful smile, big hug, and friendly wave from across the room… BUT we felt your energy and love reflected in every sound, in every light beam and in every face in that room!
that was some powerful shit bro! So much energy and love! so much of you!

Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Zak… you most certainly are the “DVS1″ – I am still in awe and disbelief at the odds you overcame in your EPIC journey back and forth this huge continent… all day and night – sprinting with record bags through oversold flights and hub-and-spoke-spring-break-airline-hell to get to “work” with us on time! I used to think MIRACLES were things that happened to the feeble minded. (sign me up!)

and the MUSIC… so exquisite! so FINE!
you took us on a journey through space and time… layered, complex and beautiful
from bumpin hard and fast, sweaty techno, to the deep and hypnotic, and the soulful sounds of house… the energy… YOUR energy was contagious… That stuff connected!!! released! made free! healed and brought joy. Music is a tonic like no other! and you bring the BEST of the goods my friend!

BIG BIG thanks to Scott, Cedric, Josh, Austin! for the amazing music (passing on so many compliments I heard!) and for all your support in pulling this together..including the hunt for “moon unit” gear for the booth…

Thanks also to Sonya for being the gracious and caring hostess to our guests of honour, Dianne and Bill Jeffery… and to Dianne and Bill for nurturing and loving Tom to that place where he was confident and free to relentlessly and passionately pursue his dreams… OUR DREAMS. Thanks to the Kiwi, Dennis and Jenna for the intense energy and warmth and kindness and humour at the door, to Sebnem, Ben, Miles and Aaron for taking a black box and making it sparkle so beautifully, so artfully! and last but not least thanks to Mike and Ben and the entire Open Studio’s crew for an amazing venue which “GETS” our tribe and is so pro and kind (Edie your hugs re-energize like magic!)

together we connected and made memories… and maybe even some kind of magic.(captured here in these great pics by Tyler Davidson)