Peter Van Hoesen ! – Feb 15, 2013 – Open Studios

Feburary 11th 2012: Peter Van Hoesen came to Vancouver
February 15th 2013: Peter Van Hoesen returns !
We were so blown away and had so much fun last year that we had to do this again!
Subversive is very proud to welcome Peter Van Hoesen back to Vancouver.
When it comes down to combining the best of many musical worlds, Peter Van Hoesen can say he’s been doing it for a while now. Deeply rooted in the Brussels electronic music scene as DJ and producer since 1993, he’s considered by many as a man with multiple musical talents: from straight-up dance floor jackin’ techno to advanced abstract electronica. Now based in Berlin, where he regularly plays Berghain, Peter is active as a DJ, producer, sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre. His music has been released on his own labels Time to Express and Foton, as well as through Ostgut Ton, Exone, Komisch, Lan Muzic, Curle, Meakusma, and Morse.

Be amazed by the music. Come dance with us!

Photos from DVS1 March 24, 2012

THANK YOU – Subversive family!!! YOUR energy and smiling faces and happy dancing feet are the reason we do this!!! It is the JOY of our lives.

Tom the night was definately ALL your fault!! We missed your beautiful smile, big hug, and friendly wave from across the room… BUT we felt your energy and love reflected in every sound, in every light beam and in every face in that room!
that was some powerful shit bro! So much energy and love! so much of you!

Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Zak… you most certainly are the “DVS1″ – I am still in awe and disbelief at the odds you overcame in your EPIC journey back and forth this huge continent… all day and night – sprinting with record bags through oversold flights and hub-and-spoke-spring-break-airline-hell to get to “work” with us on time! I used to think MIRACLES were things that happened to the feeble minded. (sign me up!)

and the MUSIC… so exquisite! so FINE!
you took us on a journey through space and time… layered, complex and beautiful
from bumpin hard and fast, sweaty techno, to the deep and hypnotic, and the soulful sounds of house… the energy… YOUR energy was contagious… That stuff connected!!! released! made free! healed and brought joy. Music is a tonic like no other! and you bring the BEST of the goods my friend!

BIG BIG thanks to Scott, Cedric, Josh, Austin! for the amazing music (passing on so many compliments I heard!) and for all your support in pulling this together..including the hunt for “moon unit” gear for the booth…

Thanks also to Sonya for being the gracious and caring hostess to our guests of honour, Dianne and Bill Jeffery… and to Dianne and Bill for nurturing and loving Tom to that place where he was confident and free to relentlessly and passionately pursue his dreams… OUR DREAMS. Thanks to the Kiwi, Dennis and Jenna for the intense energy and warmth and kindness and humour at the door, to Sebnem, Ben, Miles and Aaron for taking a black box and making it sparkle so beautifully, so artfully! and last but not least thanks to Mike and Ben and the entire Open Studio’s crew for an amazing venue which “GETS” our tribe and is so pro and kind (Edie your hugs re-energize like magic!)

together we connected and made memories… and maybe even some kind of magic.(captured here in these great pics by Tyler Davidson)

Subversive and AnzaLove NYE 2013

Subversive has teamed up again with the good folks at AnzaLove to bring you a two room, late night party, with the best in house and techno beats!

We’ve lined up a collection of Vancouver’s most legendary underground dj’s to ring in the new year properly!

Miles will be manipulating molecules with his infamous lasers, Sebnem Ozpeta will be bringing amazing visuals to dazzle your eyes… WE love the way these two light up the room!

And we know you will bring the smiles and magic! : )
Come celebrate the New Year with us.Here’s the line-up!
Tyler Stadius
Daniel Bull
Miss Myte
Austin Phillips
ANZA ROOM (Downstairs)
Mighty Mac
Marty Spencer
Andy Clockwork
Patrick Kelly

show starts at
(arriving early is advised the line can get intense after 11!)

first 50 @ 20$
100 @ $25
more at the door

Available now at

Available soon @
Or @ – all Puff locations and Beatstreet /

Subversive presents: Rolando (Saved, Ostgut Ton, Delsin)

During our last show, Marcel Fengler destroyed. Even more than we had imagined. A few of our tribe commented that he “set the bar pretty high for the rest of the season”. That was very true… Except we decided we might need to reconsider who we’re bringing next.

So we sat down with Marcel and began to think of who we could book. It was a little tough, we needed someone to keep the bar up, someone deep, someone with a kick, a groove and someone who can infuse SOUL. We concluded that former Underground Resistance soldier – Rolando – would be perfect.

We sent in an inquiry and it magically turns out that he was actually coming to the west coast in December to play a few gigs….And there it was, the universe connecting the dots.

Opening for him will be two locals, that in our opinion, can cause just as much destruction as any world class DJ: Scott W and Miss Myte. See you on the dancefloor

$20 advance tickets available at W2 media Cafe, Beatstreet, and all Puff locations or on line at–Basement-.html

Subversive presents: Ryan Elliott (Ostgut Ton, Spectral Sound, Berghain / Panorama Bar Resident)

As winter approaches… Subversive warms up and goes deep into the depths of the Detroit / Berlin nexus of amazing sounds… on Dec 1 2012 join us as we welcome Ryan Elliott to Vancouver!

Also that night the amazing sounds of some of our hometown fav.s
Fox and Phillips
Nancy Dru

Ryan Elliott
“What matters most, above all else, is what comes through the speakers,” says Detroit’s Ryan Elliott. “It must be the right track at the right time, delivered in the right way.” Nobody knows this better than Elliott, whose distinction as an internationally respected DJ, remixer, and one-half of Spectral Sound’s A&R team has grown steadily over his decade-plus behind the decks. They don’t hand out “DJ’s DJ” reputations at the club door, and Elliott’s is well-earned and well-deserved.

Ryan Elliott’s early days included legendary residencies at Ann Arbor’s Goodnight Gracies and Detroit’s Shelter, which soon gave way to a rigorous international travel schedule. He began working crowds at clubs and festivals around the world, from NYC’s Guggenheim Museum to Barcelona’s Sonar by Night, and tailoring his approach to each show with a meticulous ear and a bottomless record collection. Influenced by his hometown staples (Axis, Purpose Maker, M Plant, and UR) along with international labels like Perlon, Playhouse, and early Kompakt, Ryan inhabits his kick drums, becoming an extension of the music and vice versa.

2009 saw Elliott relocating to Berlin to further his focus on DJing, production, and helming Spectral Sound’s growing roster from a newly international perspective. “Berlin and Detroit may not look the same, but they feel the same,” he says. “The connection isn’t just in the music, but also in both cities rough edges and honest hearts.”

Ryan Elliot’s sound remains unchanged: bassline-driven techno and house reduced to their essence, thoughtfully calibrated to drive crowds out of their minds. The time is right, the tracks are right, and Ryan Elliott is exactly where he needs to be.

Fox and Phillips (Subversive / UnderG) These two know their shtuff. heavy collections (and we mean literally heavy) of carefully selected vinyl get a proper workout wherever they play. With a knack for getting a dancefloor into a proper groove Fox and Phillips have played alongside DVS1, Jay Haze, Peter van Hoesen, TJ Hooker, Jay Tripwire, Carlo Lio, Adultnapper, Marcel Fengler, Luke Hess, to name but a few. Be prepared to dance!

Nancy Dru (Bonzai / Square Root of Evil) – Nancy Dru plays the underground music, yes. skilled? oh hell yes. We love Nancy’s Dru’s sound. We know you will too!

Tickets $20 advance (they will be more at the door) available at all Puff locations and Beatstreet and right now on-line at ticketzone:

Subversive and Anzalove present: ANZA Haunted House!

Saturday, 27 October 2012
22:00 until 04:00


Two spooky rooms, two darkly twisted sounds, MANY diablolical wierdo’s, short-circuiting robots, ghouls and freaks… will haunt the legendary hallowed halls of the Anza this Oct 27. Come glamourous, come ugly, come dead, or alive, machine or human or anything in between but on October 27th come scare the living daylights out of yourself and those around you… as you dance your ornery ass off to the sounds of these ghoulish souls

in the Spooky AnzaLove Basement:

Mighty “Butcher” Mac
Stark Raving Mad Marty Spencer
Nigel “the ripper” Ray
Andy Clockwork “Orange”

in the Haunted Subversive Attic:

“Demonic” Miss Myte
“Creepy” Caleb Fox
“Vicious” Austin Phillips
“Ominous” Oliver Nickels (Rhombus)

May God have mercy on your dirty little sexy soul.

Tickets (there are still some early bird tickets avail on-line now) tickets also avail at at Beatstreet and Puff (at the back of Cherry Bombs on Granville) (Puff on 4th and on Main St will have ‘em next week)

Click here for Tickets

$15 (first 100) $20 thereafter $25 @ the door